Local Property Taxation

Local Property Taxation, whether in the UK or internationally, is a outgoing which arises as a result of the occupation or ownership of property.

Sanderson Weatherall LLP local taxation experts can advise on various fully legal strategies to mitigate this burden, whether on an individual property or across an entire portfolio.

Local Property Taxation (UK)  

In the United Kingdom, local property taxes are known as Non Domestic Rates (NDR) or Business Rates for commercial properties; and as Council Tax for residential properties.

Local Property Tax (International)  

Local Property Tax is levied by municipalities in countries across the world to raise revenue to provide local services.  

First world countries even now in the 21st century operate a wide range of different approaches, due to a mixture of historical, geographic, demographic, economic and political factors. These approaches may range from taxes levied solely on land values, to taxes levied on both the land and improved values due to the addition of buildings and elements of plant and machinery. They may be based on occupation or ownership, or both.

Typically developing countries that want to move towards localising taxation will start with the application of a land value based tax, before migrating towards a more comprehensive system, where the system is refined to include site additions in the form of buildings.

Robert Brown, Partner, Rating Services at Sanderson Weatherall LLP is a past national council member of the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation (IRRV), an institute which has for many years teamed up with the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI) to hold a biennial international conference on international local property taxation.

If you have international local property taxation issues we can help, whether in dealing with the matter directly or by helping you to make contact with a suitable adviser in the country concerned.

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Business Rates

Click here to find out how the 2017 revaluation will affect your business. Sanderson Weatherall Rating specialists are RICS and IRRV qualified surveyors that can offer a comprehensive range of Rating services to clients including Rating Appeals, Rating Valuations, Rates Management and Rates Audit, together with cutting edge advice on Empty Rates mitigation. Regarded as experts in the field, all our senior staff are members of the Rating Surveyors' Association and are able to offer the very best Rates advice on the accuracy of Rating assessments and resultant Business Rates liabilities. Through our experts' memberships of the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation we are also happy to assist clients who have international local property tax liabilities. We participate in the activities of both of these professional bodies at the highest level and negotiate with government on the introduction of all new non domestic rating proposals. The current 2010 Rating Revaluation took effect on 1st April 2010 and as s a result new rateable values and summary valuations were released. Sanderson Weatherall is ready and able to advising clients, old and new on the implications. Although these assessments have now been in place for just over five years, Rating appeals can still be submitted against the 2010 Rating List albeit with some new restrictions on backdating.Following the recent postponement of the planned 2015 revaluation, the 2010 list will now apply until March 2017. Please contact us for urgent Rates advice, as a well-considered appeal could make large savings in your annual Business Rates outgoings.   Contact Us

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