Compulsory Purchase

Our industry leading team have a wealth of experience in dealing with compulsory purchase cases and we provide our first class services across the UK.

If you have received a compulsory purchase order then we will guide you through the complicated process. Our team has experience dealing with a wide range of compensation claims and we will work with you to ensure you receive a fair compensation settlement.

If you are applying powers, we will work with your team to provide advice throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that your scheme finishes on time and with minimal delays.

Have you received a compulsory purchase order?

We know that dealing with the complex area of compulsory purchase can be challenging and time consuming for property owners.

Our industry leading team have a wealth of experience in dealing with compulsory purchase orders, and by providing support and honest advice throughout the process we ensure that you receive a fair compensation deal with minimal disruption to your business.

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Are you making a claim?

We understand that compulsory purchase is an important part of project delivery and at the heart of many infrastructure schemes.

Our team has previous experience working on a number of major infrastructure projects as well as redevelopment and regeneration schemes so are well equipped to work with your team from the inception of a scheme.

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Services for the acquiring authority

We understand that compulsory purchase is an important part of project delivery. Our industry leading team has a wealth of experience working in partnership with local authorities and landowners, and ensuring the successful completion of your project. Our services to acquiring authorities include: Master planning and valuation advice on land use. Budgeting of acquisition costs. Project management, development partnerships. Expert evidence at public inquiry. Advice on objections to the Compulsory Purchase Order. Negotiation of compensation. Strategic handling of Certificates of Alternative Development. Expert evidence to Lands Tribunal. Contact Us

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Services for the claimant

We know compulsory purchase orders can be stressful for businesses and individuals. Our dedicated team are highly skilled in acting for claimants, and will give you support and honest advice throughout the process. The services we provide include: Advice on planning objections to Compulsory Purchase Orders Expert evidence to public enquiries Advice on Certificates of Alternative Development Acquisition of alternative premises including accommodation works Estimation of compensation, values, disturbance, value of goodwill Negotiation of Claims Expert evidence of Lands Tribunal   Claimants are guided on the objection process, pre scheme losses, compensation, extinguishment of business, ransom and development value, relocation, certificates of alternative use. Claims are written, negotiated and expert evidence given in the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber). When promoting schemes for promoters, we provide the calculation of compensation budgets compliance with Circular 06/04, presentation of expert evidence at Public Inquiry, negotiation of all aspects of compensation and expert witness in the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber). Contact Us

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HS2 advice

Although the HS2 rail link may seem years away at the moment, this is an issue that property owners and tenant occupiers should be planning for now. We have a specialist team of compulsory purchase experts who are currently working with owners and occupiers of affected sites. Please contact us if you think you might be affected by the scheme. What is HS2? High Speed 2 (HS2) is a planned high-speed railway proposed to link The Midlands and Northern England with London Euston and other destinations such as destinations Lille, Brussels, Paris, and London Heathrow Airport. The aim of HS2 is to reduce journey times and increase the volume of seats available. It is argued that reduced journey time will help to stimulate economic growth in UK and also increase the country’s rail usage. The project is being developed by High Speed Two Ltd, a company established by the UK Government. The line is to be built in two phases with the section between London and Birmingham being the first phase, and on to Manchester and Leeds for the second phase. The route would take a complex form of a "Y", with a trunk between London Euston and Birmingham Curzon Street. The route would then split into two spurs, one continuing to Manchester Piccadilly via Crewe and Manchester Airport. The other route is proposed to Leeds via Sheffield Meadowhall and East Midlands. Click below to view the route: Phase 1 - London to West Midlands Phase 2 - West Midlands to Leeds What are the timescales for HS2? It is expected that the HS2 line will be operating by 2033. The first phase, between London and Birmingham, was given Royal Assent in February 2017, giving the green light for work to begin on the route. The second phase is expected to be given Royal Assent at a later date, but plans for the route are in their final stages and valuers will begin contacting land owners and occupiers during 2017. Contact Us

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