Party Wall & Neighbourly Matters

We’re experts in neighbourly laws, and in managing neighbourly disputes and negotiations, as well as providing informal advice on boundary disputes such as party wall, schedules of condition, and over sailing licences for cranes and scaffolding.

We offer impartial advice to building owners and their neighbours in order to resolve disputes quickly and amicably through open discussion. We are also expert Party Wall Surveyors who fully understand the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and can guide you through the process.

Early appointment of a party wall surveyor can limit the possibility of delays to developments by early planning of the required timescales within your development programme. A swift and efficient delivery of the party wall process can also ensure that your development stays on track and that your neighbourly relations are maintained.

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A video guide to party walls

Party wall disputes can lead to stressful situations, so here’s our video guide on everything you need to know about them, and what procedures you need to follow before carrying out any work. {loadposition embed} A party wall is a wall that is shared by two buildings, which have different owners, like the wall separating you and your neighbour in a semi-detached house.

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Party Wall FAQs 2

What are the Surveyors Roles? The roles of the Surveyors are to take into account the interests of the two individual owners when implementing the terms of the Act.  Their duty is to the Act and the provisions in it.  The Act gives the two Surveyors certain powers to adjudicate between the parties and settle disputes.

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Party Wall FAQs 1

What is a Party Wall? A Party Wall (which can also referred to as a party structure) is a structure that straddles the boundary between two properties.  This can be both vertical as in a typical semi-detached property or horizontal as in the floor of a first floor flat.  It can also be a wall which stands solely on the land of one person but is used to separate the adjoining property.

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