Case Study: Booth Memorial Institute

Published on: 14th December 2015

Our Teesside office worked alongside a dedicated team of trustees and volunteers in the renovation of the historic hall in Catterick village, North Yorkshire.

The Booth Memorial Institute is a local landmark and already provides a hub of activities including a mother and toddler group, yoga, dance and exercise classes, bowling club and charity shop etc. The venue is also available for private hire for meetings and parties. It is hoped that once structural repairs and refurbishment is complete the landmark will become the heart of the village’s community.

The trustees tasked us with conducting an initial survey of the building, assisting in the development of a brief and helping with the subsequent grant application. We were also instrumental in agreeing the specification and scope of the work required, obtaining tenders for the work and appointing contractors and project managers for the site.

The first phase of work is underway with instructions already issued to roofing and stonework contractors. These contractors will replace the roof covering as well as any associated stonework repairs and repointing. Once complete, the second phase will see windows and stone mullions replaced, followed by the construction of a new porch and upgrading of the firms interior.

Booth Memorial Institute trustee, Margaret Tickner said “We have a hardworking team of fundraisers and volunteers whose passion and vision has allowed us to start on the road to achieving our goal of improving the Booth Memorial Institute in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

“Sanderson Weatherall was the ideal partner for us, working alongside us through every step of what is a complex process. The firm’s assistance is invaluable and we look forward to continuing to work alongside them in the future to see this project through to completion.”

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