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Thermal Comfort

Published on: 3rd July 2018 Unlike indoor air quality, the effects of poor thermal comfort are much harder to measure, as a person’s perception of thermal comfort can be influenced by several factors, including their metabolic rate, clothing and personal preference. Studies suggest that high temperatures in the office are less tolerated than low temperatures, with a 6% reduction in productivity in warmer temperatures and a 4% with cooler. The optimum temperature is thought to be between 21° and 23° with thermal comfort being a key factor influencing an employee’s workplace satisfaction.

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Self-catering holiday lodge development on the market in Ilfracombe

Published on: 3rd July 2018 Our specialist caravan and holiday parks team has been appointed to sell the Watermouth Lodges, a self-catering holiday lodge development in Ilfracombe, North Devon. Situated within the North Devon area of outstanding natural beauty the park occupies an attractive woodland setting that overlooks Watermouth Harbour. It is an ideal touring location with a number of popular beaches nearby and the South West Coast Path and Tarka Trail on the doorstep, meaning it attracts a number of walking and cycling enthuisiasts.

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The treatment and prevention of condensation

Published on: 2nd July 2018 Using the knowledge and expertise you have gained, we are going to identify the treatment methods which can be used to eradicate that unwanted condensation issue within your property. Firstly, we will focus on the key factors to treat condensation, this will depend on the severity of your condensation issue. The three key factors you need to consider are heating, insulation and ventilation. Heating Consider controlling your heating, if a constant temperature is provided throughout the building then this will prevent condensation from occurring as the air temperature changes will be less often resulting in a reduction of warm moist air condensing on the cold surfaces. Generally, the warmer the air is the more moisture it can hold and therefore reduces the possibility of the dew point being available within your property onto which condensation can form. Insulation There are many ways you can insulate a building when treating condensation issues, however this will be determined by the building type, age and how it has been constructed. If your property has single glazed windows, then the first and most important option will be to install double glazed windows as this will treat the condensation issues you may have been experiencing and could save you money by reducing your heat loss. Adequate ventilation will also need to be considered with this option as it is important to achieve a balance to prevent further issues occurring. Obviously, the more the building’s envelope is ‘sealed’ by insulation, the less effective the ventilation is within it, which can itself lead to condensation. For example, in Victorian era properties, which are notoriously draughty; owners often decide to seal all draft sources in the building, but by doing so, they reduce the ventilation and therefore experience condensation problems as a result. The installation of cavity insulation is somewhat of a grey area, as many people are for and against its use. The insulation has been reported for being the cause of condensation issues in building where it has been installed. However, installing suitable insulation within your home can reduce the condensation issues. Ensuring it is installed in the correct locations and by a qualified contractor. Therefore, it is important to consider all aspects of your building before you introduce insulation, either to the loft space or walls. Insulating the areas of ‘cold bridging’ in your property is the most effective way of solving that type of condensation. Ventilation When your building is suffering from condensation issues, we first need to look at the means of ventilating the warm moist air out of the building. There are many options we can implement to improve the ventilation of a building, this will depend on the severity of your condensation issues. The simple method to improve the ventilation is to open a window and leaving them like this more often will significantly reduce the amount of warm moist air trapped within your home and therefore the risk of condensation. The installation of air vents within your walls, chimney stacks, soffits and windows will help reduce the moisture levels too, however specialist advice would need to be provided as this method will increase heat loss and it is important to achieve a balance. This method of control is most effective when you are performing moisture producing tasks within your home, such as washing and drying clothes; boiling food, such as cooking rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. or showering or bathing.  If your condensation issue is contained to a certain area within your home, then one option would be to install a mechanical extract fan, for example within a kitchen or bathroom where there are excessive amounts of water vapour produced or trickle ventilators within windows. This option will allow the warm moist air to be removed out of the building and significantly reduce the relative humidity within your home, which will prevent the condensation from occurring. Further options you may consider are the use of a dehumidifier, which helps to reduce the moisture content out of the air. However, these options can be expensive and should only be used as a temporary fix. If your condensation issue is occurring throughout the whole building, then there are options to install a whole house ventilation system which can be installed throughout your property to extract the moisture from all or certain rooms within your home and remove the unwanted moisture. This option will need to be designed and implemented by a professional to ensure the system works efficiently. Conclusion So now you are ready to tackle your condensation issues head-on. Just remember the key factors, diagnose to identify the source of the problem, treat the issues by controlling the moisture within your home and last of all, make sure the condensation issue does not return.

How to diagnose condensation?

Published on: 2nd July 2018 As condensation is a form of damp, finding the source or cause of the moisture is the most important point to treat the ongoing issue. However, there are several types of condensation which can occur within your property and I have identified these below including how each type can be diagnosed.

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What causes condensation in buildings?

Published on: 2nd July 2018 During an average day in your home, there are many activities which contribute to moisture production such as cooking, bathing, heating, washing and drying your clothes and even breathing releases water vapour into the air. Although, it is impossible to stop moisture production the key points to consider are control and prevention, this will allow you to carry on with your day to day activities without the worry of condensation sneaking back into your property. 

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Excellent holiday letting business for sale near North Yorkshire coast

Published on: 29th June 2018 Our specialist holiday and caravan park team has been appointed to sell Killerby Old Hall, a high-quality self-catering holiday complex and touring caravan park just one mile from the picturesque North Yorkshire coast. Killerby Old Hall occupies a rural setting in the quiet hamlet of Killerby, situated between the popular seaside resorts of Scarborough and Filey on the highly desirable North Yorkshire coast.Accommodation on the site includes seven well-presented holiday cottages set around an attractive courtyard, 30 spacious all-weather touring caravan pitches and an impressive Grade II listed 16th Century Manor House currently operating as a holiday let.

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Second half of musical instruments auction to take place next week

Published on: 26th June 2018 Last month we conducted an online auction of over 500 high-quality musical instruments and following the success of this sale we are now setting up for a further auction of over 600 musical instruments and accessories, including drums & percussion, brass & woodwind, amplifiers, pianos and studio equipment. Based in Brampton, Cumbria, Omega Music traded online via sites such as Amazon and supplied schools across the UK and further afield with musical instruments and equipment.

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Kingfisher House sold at Preston Farm Business Park

Published on: 25th June 2018 Erimus Insurance Brokers, an independent insurance broker and division of Teesside Insurance Consultants Ltd, is set to move into new headquarters on Bowesfield, Preston Farm Business Park later this year. Acting on behalf of owners, Suffolk Life Group, our Teesside office sold Kingfisher House, the 7,160 sq ft office building, that is located adjacent to their own offices.

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SW Teesside host inaugural Footgolf client

Published on: 22nd June 2018 Yesterday our Teesside team invited clients and contacts from across the region to compete in the first SW Footgolf competition at Knotty Hill Golf Course in County Durham. Thank you to all that attended, including teams from Endeavour Partnership, TBI Law, Archers Law, Erimus Insurance Brokers, Handelsbanken, Baines Jewitt and Active Chartered Financial Planners.

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