Occupier Cost Consultancy

Property is an expensive part of running a business, so it’s important to be sure your occupier costs are kept to a minimum.

Our knowledge covers all areas of commercial property, making us experienced and effective cost negotiators in business rates, rent reviews and dilapidations management.

You can find out more about the servcies available to you when looking to reduce your occupier costs below.

Business Rates

Sanderson Weatherall Rating specialists are RICS and IRRV qualified surveyors that can offer a comprehensive range of Rating services to clients including Rating Appeals, Rating Valuations, Rates Management and Rates Audit, together with cutting edge advice on Empty Rates mitigation. Regarded as experts in the field, all our senior staff are members of the Rating Surveyors' Association and are able to offer the very best Rates advice on the accuracy of Rating assessments and resultant Business Rates liabilities. Through our experts' memberships of the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation we are also happy to assist clients who have international local property tax liabilities. We participate in the activities of both of these professional bodies at the highest level and negotiate with government on the introduction of all new non domestic rating proposals. On the 1st April 2017 the new rating lists were published across England and Wales and from that date, businesses looking to challenge their business rates were required to do so through HMRC’s Government Gateway. If you don’t currently have an account then please follow the steps in our guide to setting up a Government Gateway account, registering properties and appointing an agent here.    Contact Us

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Lease Consultancy

Sanderson Weatherall’s Lease Consultancy team are leaders in the field. We are expert negotiators in rent and lease terms for all forms of commercial properties across the UK. Our knowledge of the property market and experience in dealing with complex tenancy agreements allows us to deliver top results for you, no matter how big or small your business is. Our understanding of business and people also means we’ll work with you to achieve the best result, without damaging your relationship with your landlord or tenant. The Lease Consultancy team are able to offer: Lease Audits We will analyse your leases and identify, critical dates and liabilities leading to the creation of a comprehensive lease database. This will simplify your processes and avoid key dates and obligations being overlooked. Lease Renewals & Restructuring We will undertake a strategic review and inspection of your property portfolio and identify opportunities to rationalise or restructure leases, and reduce your costs by reviewing future lease events and potential liabilities. Rent Reviews We act on your behalf on the negotiation of rent and lease terms to obtain the best possible outcome. Dispute Resolution Our highly experienced lease consultancy team will represent you at Court and Arbitration and have a wealth of experience in the preparation of Expert Report and Replies to Independent Experts and Arbitrators. Members of the team are also frequently appointed by the RICS to act as arbitrators, Independent Experts and Mediators. Strategic Property Due Diligence Advice We provide detailed rental advice if you are considering acquiring property or businesses with existing leasehold liabilities. Contact Us

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As a tenant, how can I reduce my dilapidations liability?

There are a number of ways of reducing the amount of money you have  to pay to the landlord on termination of the lease.  It can start before you have even taken on the lease.  Unless the property is new there will be parts of it that are already in disrepair.  You should look to have this disrepair recorded in a schedule of condition and write into the lease that you are not required to repair that element.  Commonly this is included in the lease as an obligation not to return the premises in any worse condition but this does not necessarily fully protect you. As a tenant you still need to ensure that it does not get any worse during the term of the tenancy. Maintain the property throughout the lease by undertaking regular maintenance; this will prevent more significant costs at the end. If possible, negotiate with the landlord for a reduced scope of your demise.  Does your demise include external windows and doors and can these be made the responsibility of the landlord?  If the carpet is already worn, can you write in that you will not have to replace the carpets on termination?  Do not attach signage to metal cladding or other sensitive surface as the damage caused by the screw holes will be expensive to repair at a later date.  When attaching anything to the building, think about how the building will be returned to its original condition when those fixings have been removed. Undertake the dilapidations work before the end of the lease.  If work can be done whilst you are still in occupation then you will not have to pay the additional loss of rent if the landlord has to undertake the work after the lease end.  By undertaking the work yourself will also give you more control over costs, you do however carry the risk that if the work is not undertaken to a satisfactory standard the landlord may claim for it to be done. Contact Us

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