Mandatory Requirement for all Major Developments in Wales

From 1 August 2016, applications for major development in Wales will no longer be validated unless they are supported by a Pre-application Consultation (PAC) Report.

Major Developments:

  • The development on a site of 1 ha or more
  • Housing developments of 10 or more dwellings or where the site area is of 0.5 ha or more (if the number of dwellings is not known)
  • The provision of a building(s) where the floorspace created exceeds 1,000 sq m
  • The winning and working of minerals or the use of land for mineral-working deposits
  • Waste development


Undertake a statutory 28-day Consultation:

This will start once all the following tasks have been undertaken:

  • Site Notices (in English and Welsh) – this need to be put up in public view in and around the site
  • Notify Owners or Occupiers of land adjoining application site – via a letter (in English and Welsh)
  • Consult ‘Community Consultees’ and ‘Specialist Consultees’ – via a letter
  • Draft Planning Application Package – make this available for public viewing; online availability is encouraged


Pre-application Consultation (PAC) Report:

This should include:

  • An explanation of how the applicant has complied with the legislation - The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2016
  • Identify any responses to the consultation received
  • Describe how those responses have been taken into account


Potential Implications for Planning:

In theory front-loading the consultation process should enable LPAs to determine planning applications quicker than they have done historically. It will be a few months before we see if this happens. If this does lead to quicker decisions, perhaps Ministers will make this a statutory requirement in England. Watch this space…

How We Can Help:

  • Devise and implement pre-application consultation strategies
  • Manage the application process – timescales and delivery
  • Monitor applications, respond to comments from consultees and negotiate permission


Contact Owen

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We provide a complete planning service to a range of private and public sector clients including property owners, occupiers, developers, investors, institutions and local planning authorities in the residential, commercial, renewables, leisure and agricultural sectors. Our advice is based on extensive knowledge of the ever-complex and fast-changing UK planning system.  This enables us to provide bespoke and cost-effective advice at all stages of development from project inception, spatial master planning to negotiating final project delivery. We pride ourselves on always offering one principal point of contact which means our advice is always consistent and provided in a timely manner.  It also means that each member of our team embraces responsibility.  Our collaborative way of working with other technical specialists means we are experts at finding solutions to assist in unlocking latent value. The Planning Process   The basis for decision making is set out on planning legislation, that is, “if regard is to be had to the development plan for the purposes of any determination to be made under the Planning Acts the determination must be made in accordance with the plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise". We apply this approach to each of our planning services.  Our Services We offer the following services: • Planning Strategy Formulation • Planning Appraisals • Planning Applications & Appeals • Community & Stakeholder Engagement • Environmental Impact Assessment • Planning Obligation Negotiation • Land Promotion • Policy Representations • Monitoring Services • Master Planning & Development Briefs • Due Diligence   Contact Us

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